• Samsung's new Gear VR with included controller is now available in Canada

    One year ago - By MobileSyrup

    Samsung's new Gear VR, which comes with an included controller, is now available in Canada. The South Korean tech giant says that the virtual reality headset is launching with 20 new controller supported experiences, including Drop Dead , A Night Sky , SingSpace and Rangi , with 50 more titles set to launch in the next few months. Samsung says the headset is being sold at “all retailers that currently sell the Gear VR,” which includes retailers like Best Buy and the company's own Samsung Experience stores. The headset is currently priced at $199 CAD with the controller also being sold...
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  • Ultimate Guide to Samsung Gear VR!

    Ultimate Guide to Samsung Gear VR!

    One year ago - By Android Central

    Whatever you want to do with your Gear VR, we've got the details for you here!
    Samsung's Gear VR is easily one of the most accessible VR systems that is available today. Running off of a Samsung phone, this headset has benefited from lots of small but important improvements. The end result is a portable entertainment center, offering up games and movies and a huge selection of new ways to completely immerse yourself in new worlds.
    Here's everything you need to get the most out of your Samsung Gear VR!
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  • These are the first five things you should do with your Samsung Gear VR

    These are the first five things you should do with your Samsung Gear VR

    One year ago - By Android Central

    You've got a new Gear VR! Now what?
    Your shiny new Samsung phone came with a headset capable of immersing you in some really cool games and videos, but there's a lot more to the Samsung Gear VR . This is basically a portable entertainment center, and if you're prepared for the best possible experience you're going to get it. All you need to do is make sure you're set up to have a lot of fun in VR, which isn't all that different from having fun anywhere else.
    Here are some quick tips for setting up your Gear VR for maximum fun times.
    Not sure how to assemble your Gear VR? Check out our...
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