• Sea Of Thieves Getting New Arena Mode In Early 2019

    6 monthes ago - By GameInformer

    Sea of Thieves is adding an Arena for players to take on rival crews. The brand new competitive multiplayer mode allows players to compete in fast-paced races to find treasure.
    The Arena also adds a new tavern area and a new Trading Company. Players can also complete new goals, earn new rewards, and new ways to progress to Pirate Legend status.
    The Arena launches in early 2019. For
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  • Sea of Thieves Arena Announcement Trailer

    Sea of Thieves Arena Announcement Trailer

    6 monthes ago - By N4G

    As revealed during X018, Sea of Thieves will be receiving a new PVP focused update in early 2019.
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  • Sea of Thieves: The Arena DLC Announced, New PvP Focused Mode

    6 monthes ago - By IGN

    Sea of Thieves is getting brand new DLC in the form of The Arena which includes a new competitive game mode set to launch in 2019.
    The Arena pits rival crews against each other as they search for bounties and different treasures. Executive Producer Joe Neate describes the upcoming mode as "crazy and a lot of fun" while bringing "all the best bits of Sea of Thieves into a shorter session."
    A new Trading Company named the Sea Dogs will join the other three factions and will come packed with new challenges and rewards. A new tavern area will also be included in the DLC.
    The latest Sea of...
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  • Sea Of Thieves - The Arena Expansion Announcement Trailer | X018

    6 monthes ago - By GameSpot

    As announced at X018, The Arena is the latest content update from Sea of Thieves. Prove your worth to the Sea Dogs as you battle to the top of The Arena in an all new PVP based mode coming to the Sea of Thieves in Early 2019!
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  • Sea of Thieves' upcoming Arena mode gives players access to a ship-based deathmatch mode

    6 monthes ago - By WMPoweruser

    Since Sea of Thieves' launch in March, Rare have done a lot of work to add more content to the brilliant ship-based game. With that said, have you every wanted to have just a pure deathmatch mode? Well, that's what Rare are working on right now! While they are still working on their upcoming Shrouded...
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  • Sea of Thieves gets 'Arena' PvP mode soon

    Sea of Thieves gets 'Arena' PvP mode soon

    6 monthes ago - By Windows Central

    Sea of Thieves is about to get even better.
    Today, during the X018 event in Mexico City, Microsoft announced a number of new games and features. Among these is Sea of Thieves' "The Arena," a new player vs. player game mode, which places teams against each other in a race to find the most treasure. This is by far the most exciting new addition to the game in months.
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