• Modders Have Found The NES Game Golf Inside The Switch Firmware

    10 monthes ago - By GameInformer

    The Switch's console interface is among our favorites in recent memory . It's snappy and sounds nice. Also, it might have an emulated copy of the NES game Golf inside of it, which is nice. Wait, what?
    Back in July, modders on Switchbrew.org who had been taking the Switch's firmware apart found an NES emulator called "flog." Whether this was the Switch's emulator for upcoming virtual console games or something else was unclear at the time. Recently, however, they've discovered that it actually contains one game: Golf, for the NES .
    The title being inside the firmware since launch is no...
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  • NES Golf hidden within Switch's firmware

    NES Golf hidden within Switch's firmware

    10 monthes ago - By N4G

    NE: "Back in July, we heard that Switch has an internal built-in emulator. Additional information surfaced about the situation today."
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