• Shadow of War: How to Kill the Toughest Orcs in Mordor

    6 monthes ago - By IGN

    The Orcs of Mordor come in all shapes and sizes, and in Shadow of War, you may find yourself fighting a lowly Captain who's afraid of everything under the sun, or an extremely difficult legendary Overlord who's immune to all the attacks that don't already make him mad as hell. However, even the toughest Orcs and Ologs that are a higher level than you can be beat if you know how the Nemesis System works, and how to play it to your advantage. We've compiled several expert tips from our Shadow of War Wiki on how to beat even the strongest Orcs.
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  • Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor vs Shadow of War Character Model Comparison

    6 monthes ago - By N4G

    Shadow of War seems to improve almost every aspects of its predecessor. Lets check how it handled main characters of the story. For sure they look different, dont you think?
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