• Bungie outline 2018 plans to salve Destiny 2's wounds

    One year ago - By Rock, Paper, Shotgun

    It feels like public opinion on Destiny 2 plunged headlong off a cliff in the final two months of 2017. While fundamentally solid, the loot-heavy FPS's brief first expansion left many dissatisfied, and controversies over XP-throttling and Bungie's seeming obsession with pushing loot crates as the primary means of character customization left many with less-than-kind things to say about the game.
    In an attempt to head the worst of the PR off at the pass, Bungie released a broad development road-map this week , detailing their plans for new content and reworking of existing systems from here...
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  • How Destiny 2 Plans To Change Eververse Going Forward

    How Destiny 2 Plans To Change Eververse Going Forward

    One year ago - By Cinema Blend

    Destiny 2 is rolling steadily onward toward its second major DLC for the game, with several smaller events coming. Along the way to that new content, though, Bungie has stated that the Eververse market will become a smaller part of the equation.
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