• Super Bomberman R: New DLC Adds Story, Characters, eSports

    One year ago - By IGN

    Konami has announced a new update for Super Bomberman R that adds many new features, including extra story content, 9 new characters and an additional gameplay mode geared towards eSports.
    The new "Grand Prix" is a 3-vs-3 mode which has been designed specifically with future eSports in mind; it features a "Basic Bomber" mode that operates under usual Bomberman rules, as well as a "Crystal Match" which sees teams fighting to collect the most crystals while dodging bombs.
    The free pack also adds a new world - World 7 - to Story Mode, as well as a selection of new stages and accessories.
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  • COD: WWII - First update adds Discord support, features connectivity improvements & optimizations

    One year ago - By N4G

    DSOGaming writes: "Sledgehammer Games has released the first PC update for Call of Duty: WWII. According to the release notes, this update adds support for Discord, and comes with various connectivity improvements and optimizations. Moreover, this patch fixes an issue where the FOV was being reset to 65 every time the user starts Multiplayer."
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