• How to use your iPad Pro to replace your laptop

    6 monthes ago - By Computerworld

    I'm trying to show how Apple's iPad Pro sets new boundaries for mobile computing and offers a real alternative to a laptop for many of us. Today we're taking a look at the Files app and how to use it effectively with an iPad. Episode guide:
    Part One : iPad Equipment
    Part Two : Keyboard, Typing, Shortcuts, and Dictation tips
    Part Three : How to multitask on iPad Pro
    Part Four : How to use Apple's Files app and tags
    What is Files?
    Files is a cloud-based data storage system that is compatible with Macs, iPhones and iPads and works to make sure all your information is accessible to you when...
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  • IPad Pro (2018) vs iPad (2018) - How Do They Compare??

    IPad Pro (2018) vs iPad (2018) - How Do They Compare??

    6 monthes ago - By Know your mobile

    Michael Grothaus 31/10/2018 - 10:06pm
    Is there any difference besides the screen size? YES!
    Apple just dropped the all-new 2018 model iPad Pro-and it's the biggest change to the iPad in its history. While there are little differences between the two new 2018 iPad Pros (one is a 12.9in display and one is an 11in display) there are tons of differences between the Pro and Apple's “regular” iPad, the 2018 model of that the company introduced earlier this year.
    So just what are those differences? Glad you asked! Let's dig in.
    iPad Pro (2018) vs iPad (2018): Specs iPad (2018)
    Display: 9.7in...
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  • 12.9in and 11in iPad Pro Review Roundup

    12.9in and 11in iPad Pro Review Roundup

    6 monthes ago - By Know your mobile

    Michael Grothaus 05/11/2018 - 12:05pm
    Probably the best tablet ever-and maybe a true laptop replacement.
    Apple last week unveiled the new iPad Pros-and they featured the biggest redesigns in the product's history. Following in the footsteps of the iPhone X, Apple decided to ditch the Home button on the iPad Pro, replacing it with Face ID.
    That also means that Apple could stretch the screen size of the Pros edge-to-edge. In other words, you're getting a Pro with a larger screen, but not in a larger body compared to the last generation.
    The new Pros also include the A12X Bionic chip, which...
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  • IPad Pro Review (2018): Am I wrong, or is Apple?

    IPad Pro Review (2018): Am I wrong, or is Apple?

    6 monthes ago - By SlashGear

    Nobody can agree on whether a tablet is a computer, or indeed what a computer really is, and Apple's new iPad Pro only pours fuel into that controversy. Faster, more flexible, and more resolutely targeting professionals who demand performance with their portability, nobody can argue with the fact that the 2018 iPad Pro is Apple's hardware expertise in full effect....
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  • IPad Pro 12.9 review (2018): The future of computing?

    6 monthes ago - By Engadget

    The iPad Pro line has been around for three years now, and Apple has been adamant that it embodies the company's vision for the "future of computing." That's as big a claim now as it was when Tim Cook first made it, but with the release of the ne...
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