• Google Is Keeping The Annoying Gesture Navigation Bar In Android 12

    1 month ago - By Android Headlines

    Despite the fact that most Android OEMs have an option to disable the Gesture Navigation bar, Google is still sticking with it. Even though many Android users have submitted feature requests about this feature to allow an option to remove it. Google responded with “Won't fix ”. So there you have it. It's not a bug , and it will be sticking around in Android 12.
    Most of us have just grown to live with the bar. After all, the iPhone has it, since the iPhone X a few years ago. And that is probably why Google is keeping it around. It also lets those that are less tech enthusiast about...
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  • Stadia for Android finally gets a search bar- but there's a catch

    Stadia for Android finally gets a search bar- but there's a catch

    1 month ago - By Android Central

    You'll still have to wait for a global search bar.
    What you need to know
    Google has rolled out an experimental Filter Search feature for the Stadia app on Android
    The text filter bar will make it a lot easier to find what you're looking for.
    The feature can be accessed from the Experiments section in the Stadia app.
    The Stadia app on Android now includes a handy text filter bar. As spotted by
    DethAlive on Twitter , users can enable the search box from the app's Experiments section. Google added a search bar to the Stadia store on the web in April, nearly 18 months after the game streaming...
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