• Microsoft said the Surface Laptop 3 would be easy to open - and it actually is

    7 monthes ago - By The Verge

    Image: iFixit
    Earlier this month, Surface boss Panos Panay showed how you'd be able to get into the Surface Laptop 3 just by lifting off the top plate - and it turns out, it's pretty much as easy as Panay made it seem, according to iFixit's Surface Laptop 3 teardown .
    Previous Surface Laptops weren't easy to open up at all. You had to forcibly pry off the keyboard and top cover assembly to get to the internals - iFixit used a knife on the Surface Laptop - and when you finally got to those internals, it turned out that none of them were user-replaceable. They were so hard to work with that...
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  • Surface Laptop 3 no longer a nightmare to tear down, iFixit finds

    Surface Laptop 3 no longer a nightmare to tear down, iFixit finds

    7 monthes ago - By Windows Central

    Surface Laptop 3 is no longer the least repairable laptop on the market.
    What you need to know
    The folks at iFixit have torn down the Surface Laptop 3.
    The SSD is now removeable with one screw, and many components are modular.
    iFixit found the Surface Laptop 3 to be a "dramatic" improvement over its predecessors in terms of repairability.
    Surface Laptop hasn't exactly had a great track record when it comes to "repairability," but iFixit's new teardown of the Surface Laptop 3 shows that times are changing.
    Given Surface chief Panos Panay went out of his way to point out how easy the Surface...
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