• Bungie Update Announces Free Destiny Comic And The Dawning Event Timing

    10 monthes ago - By GameInformer

    This Week At Bungie, Bungie's blog post that announces and reviews news for Destiny 2, showed off a new comic and detailed The Dawning festivities.
    The comic, called Fall of Osiris, tells the story of how the vanguard hero went from lauded commander to traitor. It is written by Ryan North, the writer behind Dinosaur Comics and The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, in concert with Bungie's narrative team. The comic is coming soon and will be available for free on Bungie's website.
    The Dawning decorates the Farm and the Tower with a winter wonderland feel. The festive atmosphere gives the...
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  • Destiny 2 holiday event The Dawning starts December 19, bringing snowball fights and more

    Destiny 2 holiday event The Dawning starts December 19, bringing snowball fights and more

    10 monthes ago - By GamesRadar

    Destiny 2's first seasonal event is almost here
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  • Destiny 2 'Dawning' Holiday Event Kicks Off Next Week

    10 monthes ago - By IGN

    Destiny 2 is celebrating the holiday season with snowball fights, the return of Mayhem mode, weekly Milestone rewards, event-specific gear, and more.
    Bungie confirmed it is bringing back the holiday spirit with special event "The Dawning," which lasts from December 19 to January 9. The event will feature exclusive legendary and exotic gear, social space decorations, special Dawning engrams, and gift-giving quests.
    Players visiting social areas in the game may notice something different beginning next Tuesday, as the Tower and Farm are festively decorated, but this isn't the only change...
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  • 'Destiny 2' Announces 'The Dawning' For 2017, Here's What's Coming

    10 monthes ago - By Forbes

    Bungie just announces The Dawning in 'Destiny 2,' a now-annual winter-themed event.
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  • Destiny 2 Dawning Event Start, End Dates Revealed

    10 monthes ago - By Game Rant

    The Dawning is coming to Destiny 2, bringing with it an assortment of festive features, like snowball fights and an array of special holiday exotics and armor.
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