• Y8 Penalty Shootout 2018

    9 monthes ago - By Y8

    Aim good an try to score a victory goal in this new Y8 Penalty Shootout 2018 game. Won't be easy to stand against the most experienced goalkeepers in this football cup, and see how many goals can you deliver in this fan penalty kicking game.
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  • SoulCalibur VI producer Motohiro Okubo says the game is the most content-packed yet

    9 monthes ago - By Shoryuken

    Live interviews continued on Wednesday at E3 2018. The E3 PlayStation stage booked some time with Motohiro Okubo, game director and the currently most front-facing developer of SoulCalibur VI. Gameplay footage from the newest build accompanied the conversation.
    Motohiro Okubo is first asked about the philosophy driving the development of the new SoulCalibur VI. He said that the company experienced a little bit of turmoil over the past years when it came to the development of the Souls series, so they really needed to look at and remember what made the series great. Okubo brings up the...
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  • Canada Cup 2018 adds new games - including SoulCalibur VI and Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late - to the event lineup

    9 monthes ago - By Shoryuken

    Even more titles expand the available tournaments to join at Canada Cup 2018.
    When Toronto's Canada Cup 2018 was opened for registration , it was noted that additional games could still be added to the event lineup if there was enough interest from players - or, in the case of a particular Tale of Souls and Swords, if the release date fell before the tournament. As a result, Five additional titles have been added to Canada Cup 2018, bringing the tournament list up to a whopping 19 games:
    Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
    Ultra Street Fighter IV
    Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
    Super Street...
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