• 3D printing could help repair damaged knees with cartilage-mimicking hydrogel

    One year ago - By Digital Trends

    Say goodbye to knee braces! Researchers from Duke University have created a new type of 3D bioprinting material they hope will one day be able to help form cartilage implants for patients with damaged knees.
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  • Engineering technique is damaging materials, research reveals

    Engineering technique is damaging materials, research reveals

    One year ago - By Electro IQ

    A technique that revolutionised scientists' ability to manipulate and study materials at the nano-scale may have dramatic unintended consequences, new Oxford University research reveals.
    Felix Hofmann and Edmund Tarleton, both authors of the paper, at the FIB instrument at the Department of Materials, University of Oxford, UK. Credit: Oxford University
    Focused Ion Beam Milling uses a tiny beam of highly energetic particles to cut and analyse materials smaller than one thousandth of a stand of human hair.
    This remarkable capability transformed scientific fields ranging from materials...
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