• Best PS5 pre-order deals: All the places you can order the next-gen console

    5 days ago - By Android Central

    We finally have the final piece of the puzzle for Sony's newest generation of gaming console. The PlayStation 5 has announced its pricing and release date! Hopefully you've been saving your pennies because it's going to set you back a few. Whether you choose the regular PlayStation 5 for $499 or go with the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition for $100 cheaper, you can pre-order your device now to get it as soon as possible.
    You'll also be able to order a lot of the new accessories like the DuelSense controller, the new Pulse 3D wireless headset, and more. Plus, you'll want to reserve your...
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  • Can the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition compete with the Xbox Series S?

    Can the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition compete with the Xbox Series S?

    5 days ago - By N4G

    Microsoft's Xbox Series S puts Sony in a tough position with the PS5 when price is more important than ever. While the PS5 is more powerful, the Xbox Series S can still deliver next-gen performance.
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  • Best PS5 accessories 2020: Get key extra gear for your PlayStation 5

    Best PS5 accessories 2020: Get key extra gear for your PlayStation 5

    5 days ago - By Pocket-lint

    The PS5 is almost upon us - Sony's console releases later this year, and pre-orders are open all over the place (although you might find that it goes in and out of stock as retailers keep up with demand). PS5 specs, release date, price and more: All the latest on the PlayStation 5 The console looks like an absolute stunner, and we can't wait to get our hands on it, but whenever a new console comes out there are also going to be a host of little extras that you could pick up to enrich your experience. For now, these are all Sony's own official PS5 accessories, but we'll update this list...
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  • PS5 pricing and release date, Facebook's smartglasses video - CNET

    5 days ago - By CNET

    Today's major tech headlines include a price and release date for Sony's PlayStation 5, Facebook's incoming smartglasses and our review of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2.
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  • The Morning After: PS5 price, release date and pre-order info revealed

    5 days ago - By Engadget

    Last week, it was Xbox's turn, and now we have a price for the new PlayStation. Sony has set a $400/$500 split for the Digital Edition vs. standard PS5, charging $100 extra for the privilege of a disc drive for physical media. If you need a reason to...
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  • Today's PlayStation 5 Showcase Showed How Much Sony is Relying On the Past

    5 days ago - By N4G

    While Sony plays its greatest hits, Xbox is setting itself up for the future.
    During today's event, Sony revealed PS5's price, release date, and a good chunk of its launch lineup. It also confirmed something that should be fairly obvious to anyone paying attention, but nevertheless bears saying aloud: the PS5's future is largely built on Sony's success from the previous generation.
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  • Here's why some PS5 and Xbox Series X games will cost $70

    Here's why some PS5 and Xbox Series X games will cost $70

    5 days ago - By TheBoyGeniusReport

    NBA 2K21 was the first $70 video game announced for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.
    It's still unclear if $70 will become the industry standard for next-gen games, but 2K says that prices have stayed the same while "production costs have gone up 200 to 300%."
    So far, most other publishers are sticking with $60 for their PS5 and Xbox Series X games.
    Nothing that we've learned so far about the upcoming PS5 or Xbox Series X has been especially shocking. We knew both consoles would aim for native 4K resolution, we knew that faster storage was going to be a priority for both Sony and...
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  • Playstation 5 Price: Sony Surprises By Matching Xbox

    5 days ago - By Forbes

    After Microsoft blinked first and leaked the price of its new Xbox consoles, Sony has now followed suit, announcing pricing details for the two versions of its upcoming PS5.
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