• PUBG 1.0 Release Date Revealed

    One year ago - By IGN

    PlayerUnkonwn's Battlegrounds will come out of Early Access and launch 1.0 on December 20.
    Also announced at The Game Awards, the new desert map is available now on test servers for PUBG, with it heading to Xbox One early next year.
    New cosmetics will be available in PUBG after its official launch. PUBG Corp. recently clarified these future loot boxes won't have any items that affect gameplay. PUBG is also getting two mobile game siblings, Army Attack and Battlefield, which are being developed by different studios.
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  • Mikado Arcade's Super Street Fighter Carnival 2017 continues with “Vampire Hunter -Darkstalkers' Revenge-“

    One year ago - By Shoryuken

    “Super Street Fighter Carnival 2017” is back after a brief foray into the world of Flying Discs. SSFC2017 is the currently-ongoing Japanese tournament series at Mikado Arcade for a wide variety of classic arcade titles. If you missed the first few tournaments from SSFC2017, there's a lot to catch up on!
    Today, Mikado takes us to the second game in Capcom's classic horror fighter series, Vampire Hunter -Darkstalkers' Revenge- (known by the title Night Warriors: Dark Stalkers' Revenge in the US).
    This post may seem somewhat familiar to you: Mikado Arcade just recently ran its “Vampire Hunter...
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  • Capcom reveals names and details for all the new V-Triggers coming to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

    Capcom reveals names and details for all the new V-Triggers coming to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

    One year ago - By Shoryuken

    Get to know what new abilities the SFV roster will be gaining in the new year!
    One of the big changes coming to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition when it launches on January 16, 2018 will be the option to select your character's V-Trigger: do you stick with the original, or switch it up for the new V-Trigger II? Capcom-Unity has finally revealed what that second option will be for each member of the cast - and it looks like it could definitely change your gameplan with your main, if you choose to. Check out the names of the new new V-Triggers - and some details on how they'll work...
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