• Why Fortnite is the clear winner in the Battle Royale world

    One year ago - By N4G

    Winner winner, royale dinner!
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  • Google Maps for iOS Gains One-Tap Access to Commute Info

    Google Maps for iOS Gains One-Tap Access to Commute Info

    One year ago - By Phone Scoop

    Google today updated Google Maps for iOS devices with new real-time tools to make finding information on the go even quicker. iPhone owners can now swipe up when using Google Maps to open three tabs: explore, driving, and transit. These tabs contain information about nearby restaurants, real-time traffic conditions, and train/bus schedules. These features have been available to Google Maps for Android since last year. Google Maps for iOS is free to download from the iTunes App Store.
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  • Fortnite update adds new grenade type, lunar new year clobber

    Fortnite update adds new grenade type, lunar new year clobber

    One year ago - By Rock, Paper, Shotgun

    After a bit of a delay, Fortnite's Save the World mode (that's the original, non-Battle Royale one) has finally received its promised Valentine's Day update. The patch adds a few love-themed quests, along with rather a lot more Lunar New Year content that doesn't have a ton to do with Mandatory Romance Day. As detailed on the Fortnite blog , update 2.5.0 whacks in four additional outfits and a pile of weapons with dragons on, while making plenty of bug fixes in the process.
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  • Fortnite now runs at full 4K on Xbox One X

    One year ago - By WMPoweruser

    With its newest patch, Fortnite now runs at full 4K resolution on Xbox One X. Back in late November, Fortnite received a patch to make it Xbox One X enhanced. Unfortunately, it still didn't run at full 4K resolution. The PR team at Epic confirmed at the time that Fortnite ran at 80% of 4K (3072...
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  • Fortnite Patch Introduces Lunar New Year Items

    One year ago - By IGN

    Fortnite is back up and running, and patch v.2.5.0 is live. The update brings new Lunar New Year legendary skins and weapons, a new grenade, and 4K support on Xbox One X.
    The full list of patch notes were posted today and as well as a bunch of bug fixes, there's a new impulse grenade limited to supply drops and treasure chests, and a slew of new Dragon weapons to mark the Lunar New Year.
    Lunar New Year heroes with four new kits have also been added, in the form of Berserker, Thunderstrike, Riot Control, and Flash:
    Berserker - A fearless Soldier who rushes into combat at close range with...
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  • 4K And A New Grenade: Here's What In The New 'Fortnite: Battle Royale' Update

    One year ago - By Forbes

    'Fortnite: Battle Royale' got a new patch today, bringing fill 4k resolution to the Xbox One X.
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