• Post Void review

    7 days ago - By Rock, Paper, Shotgun

    Post Void review
    Developer: YCJY Games
    Publisher: YCJY Games
    On: Windows
    From: Steam
    Price: £2.33/$3/€2.50
    I have only reached the void while drunk. I had been too conscious before then. I didn't yet understand.
    Post Void , I had thought, was about being fast. I was probably too old to ever be good at it. That never mattered even when I thought it was true, but it isn't. Post Void is about letting the game take you.
    Its hypnotic rhythms, its lurid colours, its cacophony of violence and strangled, somehow endlessly escalating guitars. There is a space in your mind between reflex...
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  • Iron Harvest review

    Iron Harvest review

    7 days ago - By Rock, Paper, Shotgun

    Developer: King Art
    Publisher: Deep Silver
    Release: Out now
    On: Windows
    From: Steam , Humble , GOG
    Price: £47/€50/$50
    Iron Harvest is an alternate history RTS in which the great empires of the early 20th century invented giant stompy robots with machine guns for heads and spinning blades for arms. Inspired by the work of Polish artist Jakub Rozalski, who paints smokey pastoral scenes loomed over by grey machines lumbering across hazy horizons, the game depicts a world in which the mechanization of warfare didn't stop with tanks and railguns, but instead progressed to iron mech suits and...
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