• Apple grants Boot Camp Windows Precision Touchpad support

    8 days ago - By Windows Central

    Time to get precise.
    What you need to know
    Boot Camp allows Macs to alternate between Windows and macOS.
    It has lacked Windows Precision Touchpad support until now.
    Redditors noticed said support was included in the latest Boot Camp update.
    Leave it to Reddit to spot the big news: As found by /u/ar25nan over on the Snoo-faced site, it seems Apple has finally added a much-wanted support feature to Boot Camp. That support would be for Windows Precision Touchpad, which allows users to make certain gestures via the touchpad to accomplish tasks more conveniently.
    Tap or swipe with multiple...
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  • Apple adds Microsoft Precision TouchPad support to Bootcamp

    Apple adds Microsoft Precision TouchPad support to Bootcamp

    8 days ago - By WMPoweruser

    Microsoft has managed to replicate Apple's silky smooth touchpad experience with their Precision Touchpad drivers, but ironically one of the places you could not experience it up to now has been on a Macbook Pro when dual-booting into Windows 10. Apple has finally changed that, with the latest version of BootCamp adding the...
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