• Elon Musk's Twitter hit with holocaust denial hate speech lawsuit in Germany

    7 days ago - By TechCrunch

    Twitter owner and self-proclaimed “ free speech absolutist “, Elon Musk, is facing a legal challenge in Germany over how the platform handles antisemitic hate speech.
    The lawsuit , which was filed yesterday in the Berlin regional court by HateAid, a group that campaigns against hate speech, and the European Union of Jewish Students , argues that Musk-owned Twitter is failing to enforce its own rules against antisemitic content, including holocaust denial.
    Holocaust denial is a crime in Germany - which has strict laws prohibiting antisemitic hate speech - making the Berlin court a...
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  • Indian ban on BBC Modi film puts Musk's Twitter ‘free speech' vow to the test

    7 days ago - By The Guardian

    Use of emergency laws sheds light on fragile and fractious place social media now occupy in India The response by the Indian government was quick and draconian. Days after a BBC documentary examining the role that Narendra Modi, now prime minister, had played in 2002 communal riots in Gujarat was released, the information ministry announced that all links to the footage were to be banned on social media. Emergency laws brought in by the Modi government just two years ago were used to enforce the ban.
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