• Max Payne Turns 20 Years Old Today, Remedy Celebrates With A Familiar Jacket

    1 month ago - By GameSpot

    Max Payne is officially 20 years old this month, marking a major milestone for the Remedy Entertainment-developed game. To celebrate the occasion, Remedy's creative director-as well as the co-writer and face of the game-Sam Lake teamed up with Payne's original voice actor James McCaffrey and a very familiar leather jacket to bring the troubled detective back for a brief monologue. Happy 20th birthday, Max Payne, from SamLakeRMD , James McCaffrey , and a familiar leather jacket. 🧥🎂
    Happy anniversary to everyone at Remedy, RockstarGames , 3DRealms , and to all of you who love the game. Let's...
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  • Happy 20th birthday to the original bullet time superstar Max Payne

    Happy 20th birthday to the original bullet time superstar Max Payne

    1 month ago - By Rock, Paper, Shotgun

    Remedy's first Max Payne game turns 20 today, which, most importantly for this article, means I can't make a joke about how it's now old enough to do X or Y. 20 is a garbage age for milestones. But I just looked it up and discovered that in America you only have to be 18 to buy a shotgun. That means Max Payne the game is already old enough to, in slow motion, leap sidways as it fires a shell right into a mob enforcer's face. I think it's sort of what Max himself would have wanted. Happy bullet time day to you!
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