• Destiny 2's New Deep Stone Crypt Raid Beaten, Unlocking Quests For All Players

    12 days ago - By GameSpot

    One of the most exciting new additions for Destiny 2: Beyond Light was the new raid, Deep Stone Crypt, which became available for high-level players over the weekend. It took nearly six hours, according to Kotaku , but the raid has been completed for the first time by the Luminous fireteam. Their names are Aoterra, Claw, FlFluxux, Schendzie, SiegeDancers, and Sotosolice. For their efforts, the clan gets this unique emblem. After verification we're proud to congratulate to our Deep Stone Crypt World First winners of clan Luminous!
    💠 Aoterra
    💠 Claw
    💠 FlFluxux
    💠 Schendzie
    💠 SiegeDancers
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  • How to Get The Lament in Destiny 2: Beyond Light

    12 days ago - By IGN

    With the first raid completion, Guardians everywhere can now start this exotic quest.
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  • Destiny 2: Beyond Light review - the Bad, the Ugly and the Good - MGN TV

    12 days ago - By N4G

    We were expecting Destiny 2: Beyond Light to be a huge expansion with wonderful new weapons, missions and ...
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