• Privacy News Online | Weekly Review: October 16, 2020

    10 days ago - By Privacy Online

    Featured: Privacy News Online - Week of October 16th, 2020
    Survey finds 85% of smartphone users believe they're being spied on by a mobile app
    A new survey by WhistleOut asked users if they believe an app on their phone spies on them, and if so... which app or apps? And the results are in. Only 15% didn't think an app was spying on them. In terms of pointing out which app survey respondents think is the spy... 68% fingered Facebook, 53% tattled on TikTok, 45% ogled at Google, and 43% instigated Instagram. Other apps that made the list include Amazon, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, Apple, and...
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  • Coronavirus News Roundup, October 10-October 16

    10 days ago - By Scientific American

    Pandemic highlights for the week
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