• Myst is returning yet again, this time for VR too

    5 days ago - By Rock, Paper, Shotgun

    Myst on Android! Myst on PS4! Myst on Nintendo DS! Myst on Switch! And now, Myst on the Oculus Quest! Jeez, we get it Cyan Worlds, you like re-releasing Myst. Yesterday's Facebook Connect revealed the freshly “reimagined” version of the 1993 adventure game, which is set to arrive sometime this December. While the focus is on the fact it's being made for VR, the new Myst will be available for “flatscreen PC”, too.
    Sorry to all you folks who invested in curved monitors, I guess.
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  • Myst VR Announced for Oculus Quest

    Myst VR Announced for Oculus Quest

    5 days ago - By IGN

    Oculus has announced that Myst VR will be headed to the Oculus Quest platform later this year.
    Myst VR will let players experience "a fresh take on their Myst experience from 1993." It is being built from the ground up for VR and this "reimagined version of the classic puzzle game features updated art and interactions - and even an optional puzzle randomizer."
    Gear up for an adventure-the classic PC game, Myst, is coming to OculusQuest. Learn about the reimagined classic from cyanworlds and more from FBConnect on our blog pic.twitter.com/cH2lneYJxD
    - Oculus Gaming September 17, 2020
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