• Clear Your Android Phone's Cookies and Cache To Get Rid of Excess Junk Files - CNET

    5 days ago - By CNET

    A quick trip to your web browser's settings could eliminate a lot of extra files that you don't need.
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  • 5 Tips For Setting Up A New Android Phone

    5 Tips For Setting Up A New Android Phone

    5 days ago - By Android Headlines

    Congratulations, you have a new Android phone! From the moment you first turn it on, you'll be tempted to dive right in and explore all the cool features. But wait a minute-don't go too fast. The best way to get your new phone off to a great start is to set it up properly from the very beginning. Here's how:
    Install web browser
    The first thing you should do when setting up a new phone is to install a web browser. You can find the Google Play Store on your home screen and use it to download either Chrome or Firefox - both are free, both work well and are compatible with Android phones, and...
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