• Trombone Champ's developer thinks more games need to go all in on comedy

    13 days ago - By The Verge

    The “NASTY!” message when you flub a note is inspired. | Image: Holy Wow Studios
    Trombone Champ has been the star of my timeline this week; I'm constantly running into absurd renditions of songs like “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.” But in a conversation with Dan Vecchitto, the founder of Trombone Champ developer Holy Wow Studios, he brought up something I think is a major factor in the game's success: we just don't see a lot of comedy in gaming right now.
    Games have been pushing the boundaries of capital-S Serious Storytelling for some time with series like The Last of Us. Others remain...
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  • Trombone Champ's triumph is making failure fun in a rhythm game

    Trombone Champ's triumph is making failure fun in a rhythm game

    13 days ago - By Rock, Paper, Shotgun

    Everyone's talking about Trombone Champ. Not since Untitled Goose Game have I heard this much excited chat about a game from pals who don't usually talk about games. This is because: 1) it's a fun silly idea; 2) it's very funny to miss a trombone note and squeal out a farty toot in the middle of Also Sprach Zarathustra. As I play Trombone Champ myself, I come to really appreciate that. It's a rare rhythm game where playing badly doesn't frustrate or berate me, because the worst-case scenario is making fart noises, and fart noises are funny.
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