• ‘Zelda: Skyward Sword HD' Review: Still Refreshingly Technical

    1 month ago - By Forbes

    While the Wii launched with 'Twilight Princess', that was effectively a GameCube game with motion controls shoehorned in. However, 'Skyward Sword' was built around motion controls from the start and required new controller hardware to boot. So how does it fare on the Switch after all these years?
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  • 8-4 Play: 7/23/2021: QUALITY ASSURED

    1 month ago - By Giant Bomb

    Rainy season is out, Skyward Sword HD is in, Gabe is...all over the place, and it's a four-day weekend in Japan?! Join the holiday celebration as we answer listener questions and talk about Zelda, Steam Deck, crazy auctions, and more!
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  • The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Review | Take To The Skies | WGTC

    1 month ago - By N4G

    Skyward Sword HD flies far higher than the original. Most of the game's issues have been fixed, and everything flows more smoothly on Switch.
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