• 10 Best Video Game DLCs Of All Time

    6 days ago - By N4G

    Video games are rarely a one-and-done affair these days. Even standalone games that tell a finite story have additional content. DLC has become the prime way to monetize games after their release. This sometimes motivates studios to partition off parts of the game or release low-quality extras for profit.
    However, this isn't true of all DLC. Some are just as much a labor of love as the base game. Some DLCs take everything players love about a title and add even more to keep them hooked. Some parts of extra game content are as beloved by fans as the rest of the game, or even better.
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  • The 15 Best Sega Genesis Games Of All Time

    The 15 Best Sega Genesis Games Of All Time

    6 days ago - By GameSpot

    The 1990s were a seismic shift for video games, as Sega's Genesis console took the world by storm just as it was starting. In contrast to Nintendo's NES and SNES hardware, the Genesis was the cool system. It had a consistent stream of quality titles and its digitally-sampled audio made for sublime soundtracks, even if some of its hardware components were inferior to Nintendo's SNES. Backed by the infamous 'Genesis does what Nintendont' advertising campaign, the Genesis cemented itself as a bold new brand for game developers to release their titles on. And what a selection of games there...
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