• The Steam Deck Wont Kill The Nintendo Switch

    1 month ago - By N4G

    Although the Switch OLED isnt a Switch Pro, whatever you had convinced yourself a Switch Pro was, Valves new Steam
    Deck essentially is. Aside from some surface level similarities though, the two machines and their respective audiences couldnt be more different
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  • Steam Deck order delay? The latest on reservations for the console taking on Nintendo Switch - CNET

    1 month ago - By CNET

    Valve's portable PC gaming console is gaining a lot of hype.
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  • Valve is targeting 30 FPS for the Steam Deck

    Valve is targeting 30 FPS for the Steam Deck

    1 month ago - By Windows Central

    While there'll be variation between games, 30 FPS is the target to keep in mind.
    What you need to know
    Valve shared more technical information on its Steam Deck handheld device.
    Valve explained that the target for games is 800p 30 FPS.
    There will be some variation based on the exact demands of different games.
    Valve's upcoming Steam Deck handheld device is a simple pitch, one of allowing a player to take their Steam library with them on the go. When you look at the Steam Deck specs list , it packs some solid hardware considering the form factor, but players should know that Valve is...
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  • Steam Deck: Valve Says It Never Really Compared Its Handheld to Switch

    1 month ago - By IGN

    The moment Valve announced the Steam Deck, comparisons to the Nintendo Switch became inevitable. After all, they're both hybrid handheld devices with similar user interfaces and ergonomics. We even did a specs comparisons between the two earlier this week. Valve, however, is shying away from such comparisons. In an interview with IGN ahead of the Steam Deck's official reveal , Valve designer Greg Coomer called the Switch a "great device," but pointed out that Valve is squarely focused on high-end PC gaming - an audience that is necessarily different from the one Nintendo is seeking. "We...
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