• Pokemon GO Gyms Will Still Reward Pokecoins After Update

    10 monthes ago - By Game Rant

    Niantic responds to a lingering question about how the recently announced Gym update for Pokemon GO will affect the way trainers earn in-game currency.
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  • EA's Origin now allows you to manage download speed, adds FPS counter & cross-game party invites

    10 monthes ago - By N4G

    DSOGaming writes: "Electronic Arts has just rolled out a new update for its online distribution service, Origin. This update introduces an option via which PC gamers can finally limit their download speeds. This is a must-have option that should have been included in Origin from the get-go. So, better late than never I guess."
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  • Pokemon GO raids and new gym features are now rolling out

    Pokemon GO raids and new gym features are now rolling out

    10 monthes ago - By Phone Arena

    Niantic confirmed some time ago that it will be disabling gyms in the near future, in order to introduce new gym mechanics and gameplay features. And, as you might have seen, gyms are no longer functioning, as of Monday. When Niantic disabled the gyms, it also released a detailed description of what its additions to the AR game will be.
    Starting soon, new gym mechanics will be in place. The prestige system will be completely removed, and all gyms will always have six Pokemon slots in them. The catch is that there can be no duplicate Pokemon in one gym. If there ...
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