• Firefox not working? Here's how to fix hanging tabs

    15 days ago - By PC World

    Firefox users woke up to a rude surprise Thursday morning: The browser refused to load any tabs whatsoever, with each webpage returning an endlessly spinning “loading” circle instead. Gah. Fortunately, fixing the issue is easy.
    The issue apparently stemmed from a way Firefox handles HTTP3 web requests. “It appears that a recent update to the browser triggers an infinite loop in the network thread that prevents any pages from loading, leaving the browser useless,” The Independent reported this morning, linking to an arcane configuration fix to correct the issue.
    I managed to confirm the fix...
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  • How to fix Mozilla Firefox when its not loading websites

    How to fix Mozilla Firefox when its not loading websites

    15 days ago - By Windows Central

    Some people can't load web pages on Mozilla Firefox, but there's a workaround for the issue.
    What you need to know
    Mozilla Firefox isn't loading websites for some users.
    The problem causes an infinite loading loop and Firefox to not load any web pages.
    There isn't a permanent fix for the issue yet, but there is a workaround that will work in some cases.
    Mozilla Firefox has an issue that prevents websites from loading at the moment. Those affected by the bug will see an infinite loading loop on tabs and the browser failing to load any pages. The browser's implementation of HTTP3 appears to...
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