• Gift card scams are growing and we're all paying the price - CNET

    10 days ago - By CNET

    Every year, scammers trick Americans into handing over millions of dollars in gift card payments. Retailers aren't doing much about it.
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  • Get $15 back with every $100 Apple gift card purchase at Target

    10 days ago - By Macworld

    We know that hunting for deals this Black Friday is tougher than usual, but here's one that's guaranteed to be in stock: Target is giving away $15 Target gift cards with $100 in Apple gift card purchases. And here's a bonus tip: If you use a Target card, you can get an extra 5 percent back for another $5 in savings.
    The Apple gift card can be used to buy anything Apple sells, including subscriptions, movies, music, and of course, devices. The offer is good on any denomination as long as it adds up to at least $100.
    The gift card will automatically appear in the cart. You can only get one...
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