• Free Special Pikachu Available Now For Pokemon Sword And Shield

    1 month ago - By GameSpot

    In celebration of the Pokemon series' 25th anniversary, The Pokemon Company is giving away a special Pikachu for Pokemon Sword and Shield. What makes this Pikachu different from other ones is that it knows Sing, a move that it's normally not capable of learning in the mainline Pokemon games. The free Pikachu is level 25 and comes equipped with a Light Ball, an item that boosts Pikachu's Attack and Special Attack stats. The Pokemon also knows the moves Encore, Celebrate, and Electro Ball. To claim the free Pikachu, fire up your copy of Pokemon Sword or Shield and follow these steps:
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  • How to watch the Pokémon Presents 25th anniversary livestream

    How to watch the Pokémon Presents 25th anniversary livestream

    1 month ago - By Pocket-lint

    It's a big year for quite a few gaming franchises in the land of Nintendo, with Mario and The Legend of Zelda celebrating big milestones, but it's Pokémon that's about to take centre stage. This year is the franchise's 25th anniversary, and fans have been going crazy trying to guess whether The Pokémon Company and Nintendo have a new game lined up to celebrate it. It looks like we'll be finding out very soon - a special Pokémon Presents livestream has just been scheduled in on the official Pokémon YouTube channel.
    Get ready, Trainers.
    A Pokémon Presents video presentation will be taking...
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  • Celebrating Zelda's 35th Anniversary: What Makes The Legend of Zelda Special?

    1 month ago - By N4G

    When you play a Zelda game, even if you dont like it, its hard not to recognize that these games are full of passion and care in every aspect. Despite many games in the franchise having similar gameplay mechanics and story beats, fans still come back time and time again, eager to see the new incarnations of Link, Zelda, Ganon, and Hyrule.
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