• How to fix error 208 with driver uninstall issue on HTC Vive

    One year ago - By Windows Central

    Why do I have to reinstall drivers every time I use my HTC Vive?
    A strange error has crept up for some HTC Vive users that involves having to uninstall VR drivers each time they give SteamVR a fresh boot. If not, they get a message saying their HMD is detected but the monitor is not found. Needless to say, this is incredibly annoying and time-consuming. Let's go through some steps to hopefully end this error once and for all.
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  • HTC wants you to pay ₹92,990 for the Vive VR headset in India

    HTC wants you to pay ₹92,990 for the Vive VR headset in India

    One year ago - By Android Central

    HTC once again shows that it doesn't care about the Indian market.
    In the latest instalment of HTC's long-running series of blunders in India, the Taiwanese manufacturer has launched the Vive VR headset in India. Before we get to the astronomical price, a quick primer on the Indian electronics scene. In an effort to get local manufacturing off the ground, the Indian government is incentivizing local assembly efforts, and has hiked duties of electronics that are imported into the country .
    That translates to a $150 - $200 increase in the cost of a flagship phone like the Galaxy S8 , which...
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