• New Releases Available From Knuckleduster Miniatures

    10 monthes ago - By Tabletop Gaming

    The first time I was typing out that headline, I started typing, “Knew.” Caught myself just at the last minute.
    Anyway, there's some new releases over on the Knuckleduster Miniatures website. They've got new characters, a new six-pack, and even some terrain for your games.
    From the release:
    Knuckleduster's stampede of new releases continues with six new characters, more terrain, and another six-pack.
    This week's releases include a Pinkerton agent who's a bit worse for wear, with his right arm in a sling. Nevertheless, he's full of bluster and standing in the street to take on all...
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  • Lenovo launches Moto Z2 Play

    Lenovo launches Moto Z2 Play

    10 monthes ago - By Mobile News CWP

    The latest device has been released alongside new gaming and wireless charging Moto Mods
    Lenovo has launched the latest Motorola handset the Moto Z2 Play along side a range of new and updated Moto Mods.
    Compatible with all previous Moto Mods and all future Mods, the Z2 Play boasts a 30-hour battery life and upgraded camera.
    The rear snapper is now a 12MP dual autofocus pixel camera with laser autofocus with a 5MP wide view lens and flash added to the front of the device.
    Inside, the device is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 626 processor on four GB of RAM running Android 7.1.1...
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  • New Bolt Action Releases Available From Warlord Games

    New Bolt Action Releases Available From Warlord Games

    10 monthes ago - By Tabletop Gaming

    Warlord Games has some new Bolt Action releases available over in their webshop. They've also started taking pre-orders for their next campaign book. This time, they're headed back to the Pacific, specifically the islands of New Guinea. If you're gonna get there, you're gonna need some stout sailors to get you there, as well as some armored vehicles to help you across those beaches.
    From the websites:
    Our antipodean friends rise to the challenge and step into the jungles of New Guinea in this new and challenging theatre of war!
    This book is a long anticipated expansion for Bolt Action, the...
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