• 6 reasons why the iPhone X is better than the Pixel 2

    One year ago - By Business Insider

    The iPhone X or Google's Pixel 2 phones: The choice is yours.
    Unfortunately, the choice is ever harder to make these days, as both devices share features that were once exclusive to one or the other.
    Back in the day - last year - I could say that the Pixel's 2's OLED display was better than the iPhone 7's bog-standard LCD display. And the Pixel had other meaningful features that the iPhone didn't, like fast charging.
    But this year, and Apple has graced the iPhone X with a stunning OLED display, and I can't claim that the Pixel 2's display is better anymore. In fact, it's quite the reverse...
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  • IPhone X or dSLR: Which do you like more? video - CNET

    IPhone X or dSLR: Which do you like more? video - CNET

    One year ago - By CNET

    Check out the portraits from the iPhone X and a digital SLR to see which one you like better.
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  • IPhone X and a dSLR have more in common than we thought - CNET

    One year ago - By CNET

    We took the same portraits on on a dSLR to see if Apple's new iPhone X can get close to the real thing with its digital bokeh effect.
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  • IPhone X Studio Lighting Portrait Mode Feature Tested

    IPhone X Studio Lighting Portrait Mode Feature Tested

    One year ago - By Know your mobile

    Paul Briden 15/11/2017 - 12:30pm
    Apple's iPhone X Portrait Mode has been compared against actual studio lighting by a pro photographer
    There are a lot of major talking points regarding the iPhone X's feature set, but amongst them one that has received a lot of attention is Apple's new Portrait Mode for the camera, specifically the Studio Lighting aspect which uses software algorithms in a bid to emulate the kind of high-quality photography you'd usually have to pay a professional to snap of you inside a fully-kitted studio.
    Interestingly, professional photographer Daniel DeArco has taken...
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