• Twitter Wants To Enrich Your Comments With.Ads

    3 days ago - By Android Headlines

    Let's face it, we live in an ad-driven world. We're all familiar with the occasional ad that pops up in our Twitter feed, but the company is taking a step forward and adding them in a new place. Starting today, the company is testing out showing ads in your Twitter comments.
    Ads will show every couple of Twitter comments
    This news actually comes to us from a Tweet. Bruce Falck, the revenue product lead for Twitter, just came out to say that the company is currently testing this out. It's actually a global test, and it's only visible on the Android and iOS apps. Right now, most people might...
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  • Twitter wants to hijack your tweet conversations with contextual ads

    Twitter wants to hijack your tweet conversations with contextual ads

    3 days ago - By Android Central

    Twitter, please stop.
    What you need to know
    Twitter is testing putting ads in conversation threads.
    The ads will show up after the first, third, or eighth responses in a conversation.
    Twitter wants to figure out how this can benefit creators and is testing thread ads on iOS and Android.
    Twitter has been making moves to give creators more ways to monetize their content, and the latest move might be the easiest way to do so.
    On Thursday, Twitter's revenue and product lead, Bruce Falck, announced that the platform is testing a new place to put ads; smack dab in the middle of your...
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