• Interview With Anand Naik - Sequretek

    14 days ago - By Privacy Online

    This week we had the pleasure of meeting Anand Naik, Co-founder of Sequretek - a company that develops AI-based products for cyber-security purposes. We talked about different cyber threats and the importance of using various security methods in the ever-evolving age of information. 
    Private Internet Access: What is the story behind Sequretek? What sparked the idea?
    Anand Naik: Cyber Security industry from a customer's point of view can be divided in the world of have's and have not's - where the Top 10% has access to everything whilst the rest have to make do without much of any. As they...
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  • White House meets with top software executives to talk security - CNET

    14 days ago - By CNET

    The meeting with executives from top tech companies comes in the wake of the Log4j bug.
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