• I used facial recognition technology on birds

    5 monthes ago - By Phys.org

    As a birder, I had heard that if you paid careful attention to the head feathers on the downy woodpeckers that visited your bird feeders, you could begin to recognize individual birds. This intrigued me. I even went so far as to try sketching birds at my own feeders and had found this to be true, up to a point.
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  • Microsoft: Here's why we need AI facial-recognition laws right now

    5 monthes ago - By ZDnet

    Microsoft wants new laws to put some constraints on the use and development of facial recognition.
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  • Microsoft sounds an alarm over facial recognition technology

    Microsoft sounds an alarm over facial recognition technology

    5 monthes ago - By The Verge

    Sophisticated facial-recognition technology is at the heart of many of China's more dystopian security initiatives. With 200 million surveillance cameras - more than four times as many in the United States - China's facial-recognition systems track members of the Uighur Muslim minority, block the entrances to housing complexes, and shame debtors by displaying their faces on billboards.
    I often include these stories here because it seems inevitable that they will make their way to the United States, at least in some form. But before they do, a coalition of public and private interests are...
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