• The Perseid meteor shower peaks this weekend! Here's how to watch

    8 monthes ago - By Digital Trends

    Thanks to a new moon, 2018's Perseid Meteor Shower will be much easier to view, with even the dimmest meteors observable by the naked eye. Here's how to see the show this weekend, and where the views will be the best.
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  • Perseid Meteor Shower 2018 Peaks Tonight! How to Watch Online

    Perseid Meteor Shower 2018 Peaks Tonight! How to Watch Online

    8 monthes ago - By Space

    The 2018 Perseid meteor shower peaks overnight tonight but you'll need dark, clear skies to see it. Here's where you can watch online.
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  • Network of video cameras poised to catch meteor showers over Meteor Crater

    8 monthes ago - By Phys.org

    Just in time for the upcoming Perseid meteor shower, a new meteor surveillance station has come on-line at Meteor Crater, Arizona. A box of 16 off-the-shelf video surveillance cameras is used to monitor the night sky for meteors over the famous impact crater. Powerful software combines the meteor detections with those at other stations at Lowell Observatory, Lowell's Discovery Channel Telescope, and at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in order to triangulate the meteors and track their motion through the atmosphere.
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