• Cloudflare was the target of a sophisticated phishing attack. Here's why it didn't work

    1 month ago - By ZDnet

    Cloudflare has detailed how a phishing attacked duped employees - and says the attackers are targeting other companies too.
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  • Cloudflare says it was almost fooled by a phishing attack

    Cloudflare says it was almost fooled by a phishing attack

    1 month ago - By TechRadar

    Cloudflare employees were recently targeted by a “sophisticated” cyberattack, and even though some fell for the scheme, the DDoS protection company managed to successfully defend itself. In a blog post , Cloudflare co-founder Matthew Prince, together with team members Daniel Stinson-Diess and Sourov Zaman, explained how the attack happened and what made the difference between success and failure. The threat actor made a couple of key preparations ahead of the attack: they registered a domain that looked legitimate and would fool many victims: cloudflare-okta.com. Okta is Cloudflare's...
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  • Hackers Behind Twilio Breach Also Targeted Cloudflare Employees

    1 month ago - By The Hacker News

    Web infrastructure company Cloudflare on Tuesday disclosed at least 76 employees and their family members received text messages on their personal and work phones bearing similar characteristics as that of the sophisticated phishing attack against Twilio.
    The attack, which transpired around the same time Twilio was targeted, came from four phone numbers associated with T-Mobile-issued SIM cards
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