• The air taxi market prepares to take flight

    5 days ago - By TechCrunch

    Twelve years ago, Joby Aviation consisted of a team of seven engineers working out of founder JoeBen Bevirt's ranch in the Santa Cruz mountains. Today, the startup has swelled to 800 people and a $6.6 billion valuation, ranking itself as the highest-valued electric vertical take-off and landing company in the industry.
    As in any disruptive industry, the forecast may be cloudier than the rosy picture painted by passionate founders and investors.
    It's not the only air taxi company to reach unicorn status. The field is now dotted with new or soon-to-be publicly traded companies courtesy of...
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  • Larry Page's air taxi startup is buying former DJI rival 3D Robotics

    Larry Page's air taxi startup is buying former DJI rival 3D Robotics

    5 days ago - By The Verge

    Image: 3D Robotics
    Kitty Hawk, the air taxi company backed by Google co-founder Larry Page, is buying what's left of one-time DJI competitor 3D Robotics. As part of the acquisition, 3D Robotics co-founder Chris Anderson will become Kitty Hawk's chief operating officer.
    The acquisition was first reported by Forbes , which published a detailed look at the current state of Kitty Hawk and its new focus on developing a remote-piloted electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft on Friday.
    Anderson will serve under CEO Sebastian Thrun, a former Google executive who founded the company's...
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