• Share Link-To-Text In Chrome With Stylized Chrome WebNotes Snippets

    5 days ago - By Android Headlines

    Google is planning some big changes for its direct link-to-text fragment feature in Chrome, via a new snippets feature dubbed “WebNotes Stylized.”
    First spotted by Chrome Story , stylized WebNotes in Chrome gives users a new way to share snippets of text via a link. Namely, by allowing users to share an image file of the text as a quote. When that image file gets clicked, it sends users to the page where the text was linked from. And, as with the previous link-to-text fragment feature, directly to the segment of the page that contains the quote.
    WebNotes stylized are in the Chrome share...
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  • Google backs down on controversial Chrome feature

    Google backs down on controversial Chrome feature

    5 days ago - By TechRadar

    Google is giving up on its experiment to only show domains in Chrome after first testing out the feature last year.
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