• New Co-Op Mission Comes To Metal Gear Survive Next Month

    9 monthes ago - By GameInformer

    Metal Gear Survive released earlier this week, and Konami has announced some of its post-launch plans for the game. In particular, Rescue Mission is a new cooperative mission type that arrives in March.
    Rescue Mission requires you and your teammates to enter enemy territory and save other soldiers. According to Konami, these missions will “embrace a whole new level of cooperation and team spirit as they coordinate with their squads to rescue soldiers in need of help.”
    In the meantime, Konami is offering both daily and weekly missions that offer bigger rewards and special modifiers that...
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  • 7 Things Metal Gear Survive Doesn't Tell You

    7 Things Metal Gear Survive Doesn't Tell You

    9 monthes ago - By IGN

    MGS has a bunch of complex systems and convoluted tutorials - here are some important items that you may not pick up on.
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  • Hidden Message Found In Metal Gear Survive

    9 monthes ago - By N4G

    James Martin writes: "What seems to be a hidden message has been found in Konami's latest Metal Gear outing, Survive, with a message that may be referring to Hideo Kojima's departure at the company."
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