• Nintendo Has Apparently Filed For A N64 Trademark In Japan

    One year ago - By Forbes

    There have been rumors flying around for a while now that Nintendo may do some kind of N64 micro-console like the NES and SNES Classic Editions. Well, it looks like that rumor could have some weight to it, as Nintendo recently filed for a N64 trademark in Japan.
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  • A cheaper Nintendo Switch without bundled TV dock may be coming soon

    A cheaper Nintendo Switch without bundled TV dock may be coming soon

    One year ago - By TechRadar

    Want to buy a Nintendo Switch but don't like the price tag? You may be in luck as Nintendo has just started selling cheaper Switch bundles in Japan. However, there are a few key parts of the package missing. It doesn't include the TV dock, and it's thought this is intended for those in a household that already have a Switch and the dock setup on their TV but still want to have two consoles. It may also suit you if you only plan to play the Nintendo Switch as a handheld game system as well.
    Is the saving worth it?
    In Japan - the only country where the bundle is currently on sale - it...
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  • Nintendo Announces Dockless Switch Bundle for Japan

    One year ago - By IGN

    Nintendo Japan has announced a new, cheaper Switch bundle that only includes the base unit, two Joy-Con and wrist straps.
    Detailed on the Nintendo Japan website , the handheld-focused bundle comes in at ¥5,000 cheaper than the original Switch bundle.
    Missing from the original bundle are the dock, Joy-Con Grip, HDMI cable and power/charging cable.
    Nintendo's calling the new bundle a "second set", specifically for households that already have a Switch and its TV-focused accessories.
    Nintendo has previously been coy about calling the Switch a handheld console, which might explain the decision...
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  • Nintendo now selling Switch systems without a dock through its official online store in Japan

    One year ago - By N4G

    NE: "Do you live in Japan? Are you looking to purchase a second Switch system for your household? Then Nintendo has a new sales pitch for you."
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