• 9 new trailers you should watch this week

    10 monthes ago - By The Verge

    Usually I write about recent movies I've watched up here, but my backlog of films to write about has gotten shorter and shorter for a couple reasons recently: for one, it's summer, so I'm finding more reasons to leave the house. But also, my girlfriend and I have been playing a lot of Breath of the Wild .
    I've never really understood the appeal of Let's Plays or other game streams, but I'm starting to get an idea for why they'd be so entertaining. Even when you're not playing, you can still have the same surprises and a-ha moments as the gamer.
    But really, the better part is that it...
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  • 10 new movie trailers you need to watch from this past week

    10 new movie trailers you need to watch from this past week

    10 monthes ago - By TheBoyGeniusReport

    I was wrong to dismiss The Meg last week. It turns out plenty of people want to watch more movies about sharks. The new Jason Statham movie displaced the latest Mission: Impossible episode at the top of the box office. Launching this week are Mile 22 , Crazy Rich Asians, and Alpha, with the former likely to go for The Meg 's title.
    While I don't focus on TV series in these weekly movie trailers roundup, I do have to tell you that Disenchantment is now available on Netflix. It's The Simpsons in the Middle Ages. On Netflix.
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