• Hear the sounds of wind on Mars from InSight's latest audio recording

    6 monthes ago - By Digital Trends

    NASA's InSight craft has captured the sound of the wind blowing on the surface of Mars. The audio file was picked up by the air pressure sensor and the seismometer which detected vibrations from the 10 to 15 mph winds in the area.
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  • Here's what wind sounds like on Mars

    Here's what wind sounds like on Mars

    6 monthes ago - By TheBoyGeniusReport

    One of the coolest things about NASA's new InSight lander that recently arrived on Mars is that it'll be able to listen closely to sounds generated deep underground. It has the potential to teach us a lot about how Mars works. Before that happens, NASA has to prepare the robot to begin using its powerful instruments. and in doing so the Jet Propulsion Laboratory actually captured the sounds of wind whipping across the dusty Martian surface.
    In a new video, JPL explains that InSight's onboard seismometer began to detect vibrations. The team ultimately determined that the vibrations were the...
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