• Intel promotes a MacBook Pro alongside a chip that it doesn't use

    13 days ago - By Windows Central

    Intel's ad department can't catch a break regarding its attack on Apple's MacBooks.
    What you need to know
    An Intel ad on Twitter highlights Intel's 11th Gen chips while showing an image of the MacBook Pro.
    No MacBook Pro uses the 11th Gen chips from Intel, as Apple has shifted to its own silicon.
    Intel has several ads highlighting why Intel-PCs are better than MacBooks.
    Intel's on a hot streak when it comes to seemingly hypocritical or inconsistent ads, but it may have one-upped itself with its latest advertisement. A promoted Tweet highlighting Intel's 11th Gen chips accidentally uses an...
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  • Oops, Intel accidentally promotes the Apple MacBook Pro

    Oops, Intel accidentally promotes the Apple MacBook Pro

    13 days ago - By TechRadar

    Intel has made a point in taking digs at Apple in recent ads, but its latest one inadvertently promoted the MacBook Pro.
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